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The Affiliate cash flow calculator was a major tool and turning point for getting my box open!
I highly recommend duplicating it and making many versions of it. Best, medium, and worst case scenario versions.

Chris do you have a separate operating procedure for creating the meal plans? Looks like you have put a huge amount of work into distilling what you do into easy to follow procedures for new employees. The meal plans were mentioned but I didn't see specifics on how you set them up like you included for setting up workouts.

Your other posts on creating an operations manual got me thinking. This post has given me the courage to start my own operations manual. Till now it just seemed too daunting. It was so funny to be reading through and seeing myself doing so many of these actions like the close out procedures at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Hi Charles - we have a meal plan 'guide' that we deliver to new clients. It has four stages to encourage quality first, and then quantity.
Stage 1 - eating fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, and eliminating sugar and cutting back on grains.
Stage 2 - the Zone.
Stage 3 - Paleo.
Stage 4 - private consultation on performance eating (but you could call it Paleo for Athletes or Zone for Athletes.)

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