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Crossfit is the sport of fitness. We get coached by trainers a few times a week with a group of peers from all types of athletic (and non-athletic) backgrounds. Practice typically includes things like sprinting fast,lifting weights, or doing conditioning exercises like push ups and jumps. Its really varied, so there's something for everyone. All workouts are done as a group with a healthy level of competition, camaraderie, and always with a very high level of intensity. The group supports one another through the workouts, and the result is a more physically fit team overall.
PS - Its NOT like going to the gym. No one complains, and everyone actually wants to be there. It's FUN!

I like that. It's similar to what I've started using recently.

CrossFit? We get a group of people together who are interested in getting in sharp then we start with weightlifting, basic gymnastics and sprinting. Add in a bunch of sound nutritional advice and sprinkle in some fun. Are your workouts fun?

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