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I'm glad you're in the fitness industry and not national security. You say that you don't know everything, and yet diminish the value of the advertiser's education and completely dismiss the idea that someone may be an expert in a topic

There are plenty of educated specialists out there who ARE experts, and to whom you should defer. This specific advertiser may not fall into that category, and holding a degree does not in itself make one an expert. However, the way I interpret your article is that you are still the same know-it-all you say you once were, paying lip service to the idea that you don't know everything, when you actually are applying that concept to others who may in fact be an expert.

Thanks, Jon. Your last point is probably true. However, I value the experience - of which the phone salesperson had none - far above his education. The point I was trying to make was this: when I graduated, I perceived myself as an 'expert' in the fitness field. Nothing could have been further from the truth; a degree is nothing but a start to a lifelong conversation. With regard to business, my conversation is this blog.

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