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Actually car dealerships and food franchises are next to
each other because of the demographics in that location .

For example you don't just open a Toyota dealership
they tell you where to put it based on the surrounding areas
demographics, and much research goes into it, they know
what demographics will bring success, so the reason
there next to each other is because if the location
Is good for Mcdonalds than its good for Wendy's .

That's why they are all bunched together .

Hi John - I agree, but consider this: demographics aren't measured block-by-block, but city by city. If demographics were the only concern, it wouldn't matter WHERE in the city a store was located. Traffic, on the other hand, is the primary determinant of location for franchises. What drives auto-shopping traffic to a location? A pre-existing dealership, among other things. What makes me go to Wendy's for lunch? The line at McDonald's - next door - is too long. The placement determines the traffic as much as vice versa.

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